Interview / Antonio Vicentini

You like boobies, don’t you ?

Yes sir, I do. Everyone appreciates a nice good looking couple of boobies – even Jesus. Gaze fixedly at boobies is a therapy – and important to our health as well (

So tell me, where the camera collection idea comes from ?

Antonio’s answer in motion.

Billy Brown drew the illustrations (we can also find his 100 free pixelized camera illustrations on his website), is it a friend of you ? and what was the work process on this animation ?

No, we’re not friends. Billy made this amazing collection well before my video – who was nice enough to give them away for free. When I’ve found it, just came up the idea of some bouncing pixels (like Kate’s boobies).

So I started playing around with two cameras, studying how that stupid idea would work. After a few beers, finally found a nice way to link all those cameras – throught the lens!

Billy only heard about it when I sent him the Vimeo’s link – luckily he liked it!

Do you know how long this project took for you ?

Took about 4 weeks – but rarely working on it more than 5 hours per day. And yes, always drunk.

9 days ago, you launch the daily project, a great one day / one little animation project. Could you tell us a little more about this.

Actually was 13 days ago! I’m really late – life happened dude. Wanna apologize for this shit to my 19 faithful subscribers – sorry dudes, I’m back now! But anyway…

Currently I work at home and this, doods, kills focus and productivity. I need some discipline – mainly to reduce drastically the volume of alcohol while I work. So I think some project like this will be good to improve some techniques and focus.

Isn’t it too hard to find ideas and time for that, every single day ? You think you’re gonna keep this daily tempo for a long time ?

And definitely, yeah, it’s hard to get a good idea and then bang it out on the same day. Ideas are easy but think of how to execute them quickly and efficiently is the key of the game.

I dunno about how long I’ll keep it alive – while there’s beer, there’s some hope.

What are you going to do just after answered this last question ?

Will massage some boobies.

Aha thanks Antonio!