KUN / A short by La Maison Wertn

A lonely guy living in a dull place who never leaves his home.

Created by Alexandra De Assunçao and Guillaume Kurkdjian / Starring Arthur Chemin

Little Animation Project / Bisous les copains

My new little weekly project : BISOUS LES COPAINS

Animated gif – little illustration loops / More in the following :)


Interview / If you leave creator – Laurence Von Thomas

Interview with Laurence Von Thomas - photographer born in Belgium and now based in London and creator of curation project If You Leave.


New Free Font – ANODIN

A little font I designed, free for everyone :) – Download it on dafont.com


A Curious Question To / James Lucero

I read that you got into photography to remember great moments of your life. What are these moments?

Shit, I got into taking photos to remember all moments, but just going out on road trips with friends and having a good time is what i have been trying to capture as of late. A trip to Utah over the summer made a huge impact on the way i want to document my life. Climbing mountains, getting drunk and cruising around on bikes, sleeping on floors, these are all great moments to me. I’m just doing my thing, whatever that may be.

James, photographer from Westcliffe, Colorado / cargocollective.com/jameslucero

A Curious Question To / Nicola Odemann

What’s the worst part of becoming blind ?

The worst part about becoming blind is not to be able to see your environment. I love to travel, love to adventure and wake up beneath a new horizon. But if you are blind, you are not able to see what is around you. You are not able to see the sunset, an endless ocean or even the simple beauty of a morning. It must be so hard to go without it…

Nicola, german photographer / cargocollective.com/nicolaodemann / the post on wertn

Tirage Pentax Espio / Octobre 2012


Court métrage – Long live the kings / Interview Arthur De Kersauson & Clément Beauvais

Long Live the Kings est un court métrage documentaire réalisé par Arthur de Kersauson et Clément Beauvais et produit par Moonwalk films. Un road movie à moto à l’ancienne, entièrement filmé sur pellicule 16mm (Super 16). Pour moi, une petite perle, intense et rare. Tant par son esthétique que par les lieux et les atmosphères traversées, ce film transmet réellement quelque chose, surement une envie de s’échapper pour découvrir.

Film à voir dans le suite de l’article ainsi qu’une interview de l’équipe créative.


3 Curious Questions To / Trevor Triano

I proposed to Trevor to choose between 3 questions, he answered all of them :)

What is so particular in analog film grain ?

I am a very serious lover of  analog film grain :)  You can somehow feel the depth that came from absorbing light to a physical film strip when looking at a photograph. (…)


Wertn Film Camera / Septembre 2012

Les dernières sorties de mon Pentax Espio 928.