A Curious Question To / Julian Glander


In french, ‘glander’ means waste time, slack off, procrastinate. Do you think your name in french applies to you?

Well, everyone goofs around sometimes, right? I hope so. I don’t really procrastinate much, but there is a lot of structured slacking in my life. Taking weird, long breaks in the middle of my workday to nap or skateboard is an integral part of my process. I would be hugely burnt out and uninspired out if I didn’t fit some time-wasting time into each day. Idk, maybe I’ve been subconsciously shaped by my name. I’m guess okay with that!
Julian Glander - illustrator and animator, currently based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Amongst other things, Julian is currently working on a game – available real soon : LOVELY WEATHER WE’RE HAVING
“A 3D explorer about weird, cool, beautiful things that sometimes happen in the outdoor world.”

A Curious Question To / Ciara J Alberts

1600x1200 (1) copie

What’s the best thing to do when you live on a traveling carnival?

I think the best thing to do when you’re out on the midway is observe the crowds and get a feel for what the local people are like within each little pocket of America.
Ciara J Alberts – american photographer born and raised on a travelling carnival, currently based in Portland, Oregon.

A Curious Question To / Tomasz Laptaszynski

A! is a photographic project by Tomasz Laptaszynski
in which he is looking for traces of antique culture in Polish household.

“I’m interested in „popantiquity”, roadside architecture, loose associations and whatever people in Poland remember, like, cultivate that comes from antiquity. Traditional antique culture is retreating and we are attacked by its twin sister transformed by popculture. It is the one which builds hotels shaped like pyramids or gives birth to Trojan horses standing by the roads. They are what I’m looking for.”


What has been the conclusion of your project? (more images below)


A Curious Question To / Ben McNutt

Where were you going to chill when you were a child and now, where are you going ?

My childhood home is situated on a small farm. My parents encouraged me to go out and explore; both as a device to have a moment of peace and quiet, and as a sort of lesson. I would go out into the forest and sit in the trees, explore, wreak havic, be destructive, and relax. I’m living in the city now but I still apply much of the same rural tendencies as when I was little. I try to find moments and special spots alone to myself where I can do whatever I need to relax, albeit it reading, drawing, or playing with animals.
Ben McNutt – photographer from Baltimore, Maryland / on cargo - on tumblr

A Curious Question To / Daniel O’Donnell

What can we find in your head ?

The next adventure is always in my head. I’m constantly thinking of my next destination to explore and experience for my mind, and to portray it in someway through my photography. I’m also always thinking about my next development, whether it be as a person, my art, or my photography.
Daniel O’Donnell – photographer from Glasgow, Scotland / on flickr - on tumblr

A Curious Question To / Huy Le – Roadtrip & Exploration

On all your roadtrips, what has been the best discovery ?


A Curious Question To / Hanna Ukura

Could you live far from the nature ?

I could. For a while. Never for my entire life though.
And then I would probably need to take daytrips to the forest every now and then just to breath,
smell the vegetation, touch some spruces and sit on moss for a while.

Hanna Ukura – photographer from Stockholm, Sweden / hannaukura.se

A Curious Question To / Alex Cretey Systermans

Where would you like to get lost ?

I would like to get lost almost anywhere, as my work is all about that.

A famous aphorism says something like :
- “Never ask the direction to someone who knows it or you wouldn’t get lost.”

Which is a great rule for any artist, and the perfect one for photographers.
To be more specific, since I’m a kid, I ‘ve always fantasized about being lost on a desert remote island.
Alex Cretey Systermans – photographer from Paris, France / systermans.com

(more pictures in the following)

A Curious Question To / Coral Amiga

What place would you save if the world was going to be detroyed ?

Wow that’s a tough one… I guess I would save one majestic treehouse on a tall nameless tree in a forest somewhere…!
Coral Amiga – photographer / cargocollective.com/photosbycoral

A Curious Question To / Charles Bouchaib

Where would you like to get lost ?

I think I’d get lost in the corridors of time and have the option to visit any period, and in this passage I want for elevator music a song by The Besnard Lakes called Like the Ocean, Like The Innocent Pt. 2 : The Innocent.

Charles Bouchaib from Tours, France / find him on flickr - on tumblr
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