Interview / Kim – Blues de Geek Manifesto

Interview with the surprising french artist, multi-instrumentalist and singer, Kim
– at the occasion of the release of his last album “Blues de Geek Manifesto“. [ITW in French and English]

We hear many different influences in your album, as well as humor. How would you define your music?

Thank you for the compliment. I think “geek blues” could suit me. It is multilingual and old-fashioned. I like old-fashioned. It’s like ugly – the pretty way. It may be what you perceive as humorous. Old-fashioned. I like when it sucks a bit.

On sent beaucoup d’influences différentes dans ton album, on sent de l’humour aussi. Comment tu définirais ta musique ?

Merci du compliment. Je crois que le terme « blues de geek » pourrait m’aller. Il est polyglotte et désuet. J’aime beaucoup le désuet. C’est comme du moche, mais en joli. C’est peut être ca que tu entends comme humoristique. Le désuet. J’aime bien quand ca craint un peu.


Interview / S8JFOU #2

One year later, here’s our second interview with the French music producer and artist, S8JFOU !


Interview / E e v e e

Interview with the dutch music producer E e v e e.

Who are you?

I live in the Netherlands in a town called Dordrecht. I’m 24 years old. I do music for a living.
and I guess if you wanna know more you can read further.


Playlist of the week #84

This week, we’ll amble through funk/disco tracks, starting with a remix of Funkadelic by another Detroit-based artist, Moodymann, Haitian beat, a classic of Gill Scott-Heron and modern British Jazz.

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Playlist of the week #83

Welcome back to a fresh new week and an hour long journey of sound to ease yourself into your day. We will experience a moment of life via the sounds of HNNY new release, Turkish Folk, Haruomi Hosono, Nigerian Funk, Erik Truffaz, Downtempo, IDM and House.

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Playlist of the week #82

After two months of standby, the playlist is back for the summer. We coast from a 1979 soul/funk band to a psychedelic rock track by Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper. The journey will cross the years, continents but also types and technics of music.

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Interview / Maysgold

Interview with the french duo, Maysgold – currently based in Paris.


Interview / Aleksandir

Interview with the Turco-British music producer Aleksandir.


Playlist of the week #81

Welcome to the new format of the playlist of the week. It’s time for us to extend the spectrum of these compilations. We always wanted to share with you new and/or unknown artists. Today, we aim to link these artists with classical and old school ones. That is why we choose Soundsgood to help us gather sounds from different music platforms on the web.


Today, we pay tribute to the Music Magasine ‘Stamp The Wax’ and their Monday Morning Mixtapes. We introduce the American organist Dr. Lonnie Smith, the Indian musician Charanjit Singh, maybe the earliest Acid music producer, the Turkish composer Özdemir Erdogan and the amazing and breathtaking Early Summer composed by the self-taught pianist Ruy Fukui. After this journey through ages and culture, we take a refreshment with some Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, Electronica, Chill Trap and an IDM track premiered by Stamp The Wax.

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Playlist of the week #80

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