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Interview / Dan Sully – Tokyo Taxi

A little interview with the British filmmaker and photographer, Dan Sully / about his last series, Tokyo Taxi.


Interview / Larry Hallegua

Interview with the English photographer, Larry Hallegua.


Interview / Adam Wilkoszarki

Interview with the Polish photographer, Adam Wilkoszarki.


Behind the image / Johnny Tang

What’s the background of this image?

Landmines comes from a series I completed between 2010-2011 titled Senbazuru.

In Japan there is a tradition known as “Senbazuru” (literally 1000 cranes) that states, anyone who folds 1000 origami cranes will be granted a single wish by the gods. The cranes are usually strung together, and hung on the outer walls of a temple, where they slowly decay as they are exposed to the elements. It is believed that the sacrificed cranes will then carry the wish up to heaven, for the gods to receive.

I am an impatient American, so I decided to burn mine.


Interview / James Gilleard




Interview with the English artist, James Gilleard.


Playlist of the Week #48


Selection by Robin Palvadeau | ALL THE PLAYLISTS

Playlist of the week #37


Selection by Félix Finster | ALL THE PLAYLISTS

A Curious Question To / Syrinx Hsu

Which odor do you prefer to smell ?

The city’s smell after a thundershower in summer/
the smelling of shrimps my mother bought from market/
the smell of sun exuded by quit which is basked/
the smell of oranges and cold air all blending into one harmonious whole in autumn/
the smell of washing powder in some housing estate on Sunday/
and the smell of sea,forest and grassland which is imagined by me in my mind…

syrinx hsu on flickr / post on wertn

Rebecca Manson

Quelques photos de Rebecca Manson.


Akito Shimoyama

Photos du tokyoïte Akito Shimoyama alias moS.nap (metal oxide Semiconductor likes to nap) sur Flickr. Avec ses nombreux appareils de toutes les époques, il capture des clichés superbes et poétiques.