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Behind the Image / Molly Hare

Tell us something about this picture

The photo was taken on the way back from a trip to the beach in Mexico. There are lots of alters like that on the highway- I later found out that bandits use them as a way to get tourists to pull over to the side of the road before mugging them or stealing their cars.

Molly Mare- photographer living in in Flagstaff, Arizona  / on flickr

Iceland Roads / Björn Valdimarsson

Photos from the serie ‘Rural Roads’ by Björn Valdimarsson, photographer living in Iceland.


A Curious Question To / Charles Bouchaib

Where would you like to get lost ?

I think I’d get lost in the corridors of time and have the option to visit any period, and in this passage I want for elevator music a song by The Besnard Lakes called Like the Ocean, Like The Innocent Pt. 2 : The Innocent.

Charles Bouchaib from Tours, France / find him on flickr – on tumblr
trouvez la question en français dans la suite de l’article)


Alex Gaidouk

Pictures by Alex Gaidouk.


Interview / Julie Tingley

Would you like to live in the forest ?

surely, an old growth forest with strong and steady creeks. and lots of dogs, like this:


Christian Neuenschwander

Great life pictures by Christian Neuenschwander. From Zürich, Switzerland.


Interview / Julie Lansom

Comment commences-tu tes journées ?

En râlant. Puis ça s’améliore un peu.


Interview / Cheyenne Sophia

Where are you right now ?

On the edge of olympia, washington, in my ex girlfriend’s room, in the middle of the forest.


Corey Arnold / Pêcheur Photographe

Corey Arnold est pêcheur et également photographe. Voici quelques photos prises dans la Mer de Bering près de l’Alaska, en Norvège et ailleurs, un univers fascinant.


Aleksandra Kojic

Quelques photos d’Aleksandra Kojic, née en 1989 en Yougoslavie, elle vit aujourd’hui à Belgrade, Serbie. Elle aime les vieux appareils argentiques Russes, le Zenit 11 en particulier.