La Maison Wertn  is a creative and inquisitive French online Magazine
based on the interaction between artists (photographers, musicians, illustrators, animators, …)

We like to explore various forms and subjects :

+ Interviews : Weekly interviews with inspiring artists.
+ ‘A Curious Question To’ : Here ask artists quick fire questions about anything.
+ ‘Behind the image’ : A topic where we ask photographers to tell us more about the background of their photos.
+ Playlist of the week : Check out what we can’t stop listening to.


Created in Nantes, France in 2012
| Since 2013, we are member of the Booooooom Blog Network. |

Interviews by Guillaume Kurkdjian
Playlists by Felix Finster & Robin Palvadeau (+ sometimes other guests)

contact us at : coucou@wertn.com

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