Princess Hidir

Political thoughts, deep philosophies, a bit of anxiety, they all blend in a pot and create my universe.

Max Guther

I think an illustration style is not something to reach but rather something that constantly develops.

Keith Rankin

If a light hits the side of a red apple, it’s gonna reflect a little bit of red light onto the table also. I was like, how did I not see this earlier?

Aude Bertrand

I don’t think we were better than the others, but they gave us enough confidence to continue.

Zoé Numan

It is not because a person seems in a calm state, that they are not burning inside.

Owen D. Pomery

It seems like anytime I’ve tried to create work that I think people will like, it never works out.

Camille de Cussac

I like to ride motorcycles, draw motorcycles, draw men in underwear on motorcycles, with dogs.

Joanna Blémont

I have always been a very slow worker and lose sense of time easily. Despite how impractical it is, I really enjoy this way of working and living.

Angèle Mouteau

For most kids, from 14/15, the little flame goes out because you have to conform to others to become an adult.

Lise Rémon

I like the word “build”, like for a construction set.

Stefan Glerum

As you’re not explicitly trying to replicate something old, something new will start to evolve.

Laura Ancona

It doesn’t necessarily make you smarter, but it feels good.