Political thoughts, deep philosophies, a bit of anxiety, they all blend in a pot and create my universe.

Princess Hidir

ART  .  January 9th, 2024

What can we find in your head?

Tons of thoughts, sci-fi adventures, mysteries of nature, and an inclusive approach reside within. Colors, uncanny landscapes, diverse entities… Political thoughts, deep philosophies, a bit of anxiety, they all blend in a pot and create my universe. Lately, the pot might have been boiling a bit too much, there’s quite a festival going on inside (:

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Izmir, a coastal city in Turkey. My childhood was filled with the sea, sand, and of course, drawing. It was a fantastic place to play and explore nature.

For how long have you been an illustrator?

It all started back in high school when I began dabbling in illustration. Later on, I pursued education in graphic design and worked in that field.  I’ve been fully engrossed in the illustration world for around 3 years now. It’s been three years since I transitioned from working at an advertising agency to freelancing!

How’s life in Istanbul for you?

Life in Istanbul is always vibrant, sometimes a bit chaotic, and occasionally quite thrilling. However, lately, the city’s energy has been rather erratic and exhausting due to the political landscapes and economic challenges. Sadly, we’re at a point where our freedoms are constrained. The art scene is also struggling with all these difficulties. That’s why many artists like myself have started exploring opportunities abroad. Perhaps a new adventure, just right for us, awaits there!

How did you reach that very peculiar visual style? Please tell us about the evolution from this early artwork, to what you create now.

A lot of factors came together in forming my visual style, actually. The movies I’ve watched, the documentaries I’ve perused, and the evolution of my thought process played a huge role in the genesis of my style. If you ask me how it exactly evolved, I can’t recall exactly! When I sat down to create my first illustrations after years, it just naturally unfolded. I already had a vision and personal tastes in mind; maybe they sowed the seeds for this style. For instance, the allure of neon colors and vibrant textures, or my interest in darker and older illustration styles, quickly manifested in my work.

My thoughts and curiosity about space and nature also nourished my art. Back in my high school days, while drawing, I preferred focusing on the details and colors of objects rather than models. Now as an effect of this I can see, my illustrations have become more detailed and layered over time, and I enjoy delving into those details. The graphic design education I received also leaves a mark on my work. When all these elements come together, my style emerges!

I guess the pivot point could be that drop you did for Ozoyo. We can feel that something is happening (the airbrush kinda look, the grain, the lights and reflexions). If that’s right, could you tell us more about that transition?

Sure, that work was truly a turning point for me. At that time, I had very limited time to create that cover art, so I had to convey my emotions while also being experimental due to time constraints. I had just quit my job, about to fully dive into the world of illustration. It was one of my first illustrations and marked the beginning of learning how to translate my emotional expressions and artistic tastes into techniques. I’d say this piece was the starting point of my artistic journey.

You created a tons of beautiful worlds for the musician Ozoyo. How did you guys started to work together?

Our collaboration with Ozoyo began quite organically. At one point, Ozoyo asked for a portrait illustration to use in their interview. At that time, I was working at an agency but he always supported and trusted me and my work. Over time, our shared passion for combining music and visuals brought us together, initiating the development of our projects. Our aesthetic understanding and artistic visions drew us closer, making our collaboration more meaningful. This journey, where we inspire each other, allows us to manifest a creative synergy. We genuinely enjoy working together, and this collaborative process enables us to better understand each other and grow together on joint projects.

Can you tell us more specifically about the Cosmic Planta EP and the creative process behind? It feels like these illustrations perfectly fit the spirit behind the songs.

Working on the Cosmic Planta EP was truly another milestone for me. I enjoyed the production process immensely and it allowed me to grow significantly. The creative process involved diving into the deeper layers of music and shaping the visual narrative around the essence of the music, which was an incredibly unique freedom for me. Ozoyo had determined the song titles, and each song carried its own universe and unique musical textures.

After contemplating the rhythm, emotion, and melody of the music, I drew significant inspiration from nature and the music to reflect this emotional spectrum. Collaborating closely with Ozoyo, we strived to align these visuals with the spirit and emotions of the music. Together, we explored numerous plant species. There were occasional revisions, as we both had specific visions, but through collaboration, we managed to find common ground. I’m really happy about this project, and more is coming soon :)

I’m crazy with this liquid/viscous/slimy effect.
How did you come up with that texture?

Haha, yay, I don’t know! I usually have different textures in mind to avoid repeating the same ones. Sometimes it’s liquid, sometimes glass, sometimes iridescent textures that catch my attention. Sometimes, after trying for hours, I can’t achieve the effect I want. But occasionally, a move made by mistake ends up creating the exact texture I was aiming for. It’s all luck! :P

Another technical question: how did you achieve the plastic bag look on this illustration for Studio Mercado. Did you do that before or do you learn on the spot when you need another material style?

I absolutely adore drawing transparent textures. I observe the texture of everything I see in real life, how light reflects and shines. During high school, I focused on objects with peculiar textures in my still-life studies. I aimed to draw these materials as close to reality as possible, which required an incredible amount of practice across different mediums. Now, I’m reaping the benefits. Usually, I create textures from my own imagination. I experiment with various approaches until I achieve the desired outcome. If I can’t reach the result I want, I study the texture in real life to understand its structure. Then, I run my brain like a ‘blender,’ kind of rendering the human way, you could say, haha.

How was the collaboration with Görkem Topsakal to create these beautiful animations?

Working with Görkem Topsakal was a fantastic experience. Collaborating on animations allowed us to merge our creative skills and bring visuals to life. We shared ideas, techniques, and visions to create captivating animated pieces. Görkem is an incredibly sweet person, and collaborating with him was truly delightful. I’m happy we were able to create some amazing work together. I hope we’ll continue working together in the future.

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You animated this piece (see above) by yourself, is animation something you want to pursue more in depth?

Absolutely! Animation has always been a passion of mine. I aim to delve deeper into animation, exploring its storytelling potential and developing immersive visual narratives to provide interactive experiences for audiences. Collaborating with music, we aim to work in this field, perhaps telling short stories or merging different mediums to create new projects. Exciting new projects are in the pipeline!

What’s next for you?

I am planning to delve deeper into the world of animation for future projects, exploring traditional and 3D art techniques in more detail. Additionally, my collaboration with Ozoyo continues. Last year, I had the opportunity to work with some beloved brands, and I am excited for the work that will come out of these experiences in the future. New projects and discoveries await me, and it’s going to be an enjoyable journey with all these exciting opportunities ahead.

Where the name « Princess Hidir » comes from?

Actually, it’s a fun name. “Hidir” is my surname and around here, it brings up an image of a Middle Eastern uncle with a big mustache. My friends used to tease me by calling me that. Sometimes, I was perceived differently due to my masculine energy during my childhood, and at times, because of my sensitive side like a princess. My name is actually an irony, representing two different sides of my personality with a humorous touch. Sometimes an uncle, sometimes a princess, who knows haha.

What are you going to do after having answered to that final question?

Spying, codes, secret schemes, taking over the art world…???

Princess Hidir is a Turkish illustrator based in Istanbul. You can find her work on instagram.