I like to ride motorcycles, draw motorcycles, draw men in underwear on motorcycles, with dogs.

Camille de Cussac

ART  .  August 25th, 2021

[Interview en Français à la fin / Interview in French at the end]

If you were a dog, what breed would you be?

I love so many diffferent dogs, that’s a tough question, but at the moment I run with the Cocker Spaniel team, like my old dog Apple, who is 16 years old now, big kisses to her if she reads me.

Who are you?

My name’s Camille de Cussac, I’m a freelance illustrator living in Paris. I like to ride motorcycles, draw motorcycles, draw men in underwear on motorcycles, with dogs. My characters are of all colors, I draw with felt pens, on many different supports.

What can we find in your head?

Mess. My mess, everything that inspires me, it’s for example a mix of villages festivals, traditional costumes, Belgian expressions, pop culture, dogs, motorbike, underwear, colors, beer, moustaches, vehicles, jokes, the 80’s, cinema, french music, …

What’s your background?

I studied at the Ecole de Condé in Paris, I went in thinking I wanted to do advertisign, I quickly realised that it was drawing that I liked the most. At that time, they had just opened their illustration section, so I rushed in. This is where I met my pig friends from my collective Yellow Pig.

When did you realised that you could make a living out of your art?

It was at school that I realised that being an illustrator could be a profession. I didn’t think at first that I could make a living from it. After my graduation, I worked for a lady artist, and I also took on all the little projects that came up, from friends of friends, competitions, I was trying to take part in lots of things. And after a while projects became more regular, and it was really great!

Can you guide us through your creative process, from the first idea to the final result?

So for example for “Attention Marseille, Paris débarque” (see above), I started from the fact that all of Paris was going down to Marseille more and more regularly. Everyone fell in love with the city, the Calanques (typical creeks of region), the sun, it makes you want to settle down.

So I wanted to make a drawing for my exhibition “Les Folles Années Folles” at the Slow Galerie (https://www.slowgalerie.com/fr/). I looked for some images of Marseille, with the city, the sea and the rocks, and I prepared a first sketch, at scale, in pencil. I add a mess of Parisians, coming in from all sides, taking the city by storm. Once my sketch is done, I go to colour, on another clean white sheet, with a light table.

Did it take a while to master Posca so well?

I’m not sure to really master it yet, I still have stain accidents or pens barfing, but the accidents often create good surprises, so I’m fine with that.

Is there something you hate to draw?

Children, I make them too scary and I’m often asked to start over.

Doesn’t it annoy you a litttle to know that people are going to put their butts on your drawings?

On the contrary, I’m delighted.

Ceramic, wood, fabric, motorbike helmet, is there a medium you haven’t explored yet?

A car! An old mazda, cadillac, mustang, if you find it for me?

Show us the first drawing you were proud of.
(that snap moment when you say to yourself, ha! this is it!)