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A Curious Question To / Ian Kline

What do you think about when you look at this photo you took?

The feeling of stumbling upon something that has always been there waiting to be looked at under a new light in a new time.
I think about being younger and spending weekends at my dads house. Wandering around this house that I would only be at every other weekend. Finding things in the basement that my Dad would keep for some reason even though they probably didn’t have any practical use anymore. It’s not like a hoarding situation but more of a collection of things in hope that by having them they would be needed for some project later on; which kind of relates back to my photographic practice of making, collecting, and sitting on images. The photograph also reminds me of a more recent event of recovering from a knee surgery, crutching around my dads house, finding this computer set up placed by itself in the musty basement, and trying to set up lights and a 4×5 before the painkillers wore off and my knee started to hurt again. It’s kind of funny; I think I get a lot of inspiration from my dad’s house.
Ian Kline – American Photographer

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Street-art / OLO

Olo est un artiste de street-art français spécialisé dans le collage et plus spécialement le collage de méduses particulières et colorés. Beucoup de gens ont pu croisés ces créations dans pas mal de villes de France et souvent accompagné de son pote Normals.
C’est en tombant par hasard sur ce dessin à Angoulême que j’ai découvert Olo.


Mark Benini

Né en Italie en 1981, Mark Benini vit actuellement à Berlin. Il utilise un appareil Ukrainien, le Kiev.88 et produit des clichés en 6×6 avec un grain très particulier. Voici quelques beaux exemples :

.let jesus hang and buddha sit