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Nicola Odemann

Clichés de la nature rafraîchissants par la jeune (b.1992) photographe allemande Nicola Odemann.


Aleksandra Kojic

Quelques photos d’Aleksandra Kojic, née en 1989 en Yougoslavie, elle vit aujourd’hui à Belgrade, Serbie. Elle aime les vieux appareils argentiques Russes, le Zenit 11 en particulier.


A Curious Question To / Syrinx Hsu

Which odor do you prefer to smell ?

The city’s smell after a thundershower in summer/
the smelling of shrimps my mother bought from market/
the smell of sun exuded by quit which is basked/
the smell of oranges and cold air all blending into one harmonious whole in autumn/
the smell of washing powder in some housing estate on Sunday/
and the smell of sea,forest and grassland which is imagined by me in my mind…

syrinx hsu on flickr / post on wertn

Thomas John

Photos argentiques par le jeune Thomas John. Allemagne.


Ryan John Parnell

Photos by Ryan John Parnell, Plymouth, United Kingdom.