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The Short Anthology


The Short Anthology is a collection of short fiction stories based on photography. The first issue, of this nice project just launched by Will Martin and Kat Phan, feature the work of Joe Coleman (a dude we love at wertn).

“We gave 8 of Joe’s photos to 6 writers who interpreted the photos to write short stories. These stories ended up being very varied, from an African sci-fi story from Uganda to a story about loneliness and immigration in Dover, UK.”


Behind the Image / Joe Nigel Coleman

Tell us something about this picture

This photo was taken while traveling down the coast of portugal in a van with some friends. We found this place by the beach, in between two towns. It rained for most of the night and these eerie factories lit up the sky after the sun went down.

Joe Nigel Coleman – photographer from London /  interview on

Interview / Joe Nigel Coleman

Where are you right now ?

At home in Hackney, London.