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Behind the Image / Rafael M. Milani

Tell us something about this picture

The story behind that picture is actually quite simple. I took it while taking a night walk with a couple of friends around our neighbourhood. It was a very cold night, and as we aproached the lake I noticed how strange the lights looked filtered through the mist and reflected on the water’s surface. It’s just the light from a few lamp posts on the other side of the lake, but that night it looked like something else.
I went back to that place many times, but I never saw them like that again.


Rafael M. Milani – photographer from São Paulo, Brazil / on flickr – on tumblr

Joe Nigel Coleman

Photos de Joe Nigel Coleman, né en 1987 en Australie, il vit maintenant à Londres. Un jeune photographe déjà présent sur de nombreux blogs d’art mais j’avais tout de même envie de montrer son travail sur wertn.
25 photos sélectionnées, je n’arrivais pas à me décider. :) Son flickr regorge de photo superbes.