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A Curious Question To / Anna Haas

Can you tell us a simple recipe you like ?

Buy grinded nuts and mix it with honey, add a tiny little bit of salt. Done!
I just eat it out of the jar, but you can put it on bread or mix it with yoghurt.

Anna, graphic designer and illustrator from Zürich, Switzerland /

Floating Kindgoms

Petites îles flottantes sympa avec des moyens de transports sympa :)
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A Curious Question to / Mikey Burton

What’s the most important quality for a squirrel ?

To be chubby*. That’s all that squirrels really have to worry about, Eating as much as they can to survive.
I like chubby squirrels cause they look like little Bears.  (*chubby = joufflu :))

Mikey on cargo / Mikey’s bears : / the post on wertn

Mikey Burton

Mikey Burton est né en Ohio et vit aujourd’hui à Philadelphie, voici une sélection de travaux de cet illustrateur super cool.


Jacket + Bookmark

Concept sympa du graphiste et illustrateur, Igor Rogix Udushlivy. Habillages et marques-pages rigolos de livres célèbres.


Petites affiches

Quelques trucs que j’ai fait il y a peu :)