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Illustration du dimanche

Voici la suite de mon petit projet de véhicules de fête foraine.

Old Spaceship Illustration

J’ai trouvé une vieille photo et je trouvais le vaisseau de mon frère plutôt cool. :) (cliquez pour agrandir)

Floating Kindgoms

Petites îles flottantes sympa avec des moyens de transports sympa :)
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A Curious Question To / Yvan Degtyariov

What place do you prefer to be ?

I love the nature and i love the internet.
Sadly, they are confilicting most of the time, but there are places with wi-fi and great sitting/lying positions.
The beach on the sunset, the backyard of a nice house with a swing bench, a border of the forest with a swing bench, almost every place with a swing bench honestly. It should be a little windy, and a cool cold drink should be within a hand’s reach.
Oh i would love to be there.

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