Baohien Ngo

PHOTO  .  March 28th, 2013

Interview of  Baohien Ngo – photographer from Houston, born in Minnesota in 1994.


What equipment do you use and why?

I primarily use a Canon A-1, which is a 35mm film camera because I love the way film looks. However, film is becoming increasingly expensive, so I’ve been shooting some digital images with my Canon 20D lately. I use 50mm f/1.8 lenses on both cameras.

What time of day you prefer?


You have a “fashion” part on your website, are they commissioned jobs ? Can you tell us more about this ?

They aren’t commissioned jobs, some of them I shot for free for independent art magazines but most of them I worked on purely for the benefit of my own portfolio. Ideally, I would get paid to shoot fashion related assignments. However, most of my paid or commissioned jobs are actually just regular portrait sessions, which I don’t post on my website.

What’s more interesting between your fashion and your personal work ?

I think my fashion work is just as interesting as my more personal work, and although a lot of effort and creativity goes into it, I don’t hold my fashion work as closely to my heart as I do my personal work for sentimental reasons.

In your mind, what composes a good photo ?

Light and a good color palette are the two most important elements to me.

Tell us something about you.

I listen to music all the time no matter where I am and I download fifteen albums every week.

Do you have current project or plans for the future?

I’ll be relocating to New York City this fall after I graduate from high school. Houston doesn’t have much of a great fashion scene, so maybe I’ll pick up more work once I move.

Give us a movie you like.


What are you going to do just after answered to this final question?

Go to French class.

Thanks for your answers :)