Cheyenne Sophia

PHOTO  .  December 10th, 2012

Where are you right now ?

On the edge of olympia, washington, in my ex girlfriend’s room, in the middle of the forest.

Do you like the fog ?

Yes!!! Fog and steam and smoke are my favorite things to have in a photograph.

Where and when were you born ?

September 30th, 1993 at like 3pm, in Houston, Texas.

Where do you prefer to walk ?

Either through dense trees or through a heavily populated city with lots of lights. Or down alleyways ooh.

What cameras do you use ? How do you get those magical colors ?

A nikon d80 and I dunno, *~magic~*! I like colors.

How and why do you begin to take pictures ?

Darkroom photography was one of the first art classes I was offered in high school so I did it for a few years then. I only started shooting digital very recently because I am too poor and too impatient to maintain a darkroom, but I think the switch has served me well.
Taking photos started as a school thing but my teacher was always telling us to bring our camera everywhere and then I’m not really sure how or when but it became a total obsession that I can’t seem to shake. So I just document everything I experience (or try to), and it makes all the little moments and patches of light into color soaked memories. Noticing things is fun.

Do you have specific projects at the moment or for the future ?

I’m doing a video portrait series of different people, kind of an ongoing thing, I’ve only done two so far. They’re on my vimeo.

And to finally, what are you going to do just after answered this last question ?
Get dressed and eat. Ultimately drive around the city and the forest for the day. Film things.

Thanks a lot Cheyenne.