Julien Piau

ART  .  March 9th, 2013

Interview of Julien Piau – illustrator and 2d animator from Nantes, France born in 1988.


How did you get into illustration and animation ?

When i was a child, i enjoyed creating fantastic stories with my twin brother.
All the time we were both imagining things, maybe because we were shy, we wanted to explain our feeling with the creation.
We could do whatever we wanted, it was like a little world, just for the two of us.
After my scholarship (specialized in illustration), i decided to develop this world with my own animations and illustrations.

Can you describe your universe ?

It’s a universe with curious characters, they like to discover strange places and peoples different from them.

What were your inspirations sources when you were a child ?

When i was a child, i saw a lot Cronenberg and Carpenter movies with my dad. i think this is why i like making little strange characters now.

What’s your process of creation ?

I draw what i feel and i invent a story out of it. It’s the same process all the time.

Give us a song you want to listen now.

Baths – Sleepless

Can you tell us more about your last video, “La Porte” ?

It’s a animation about time running out and death.
In his dream and in reality the character of the story can’t suspend the time. Like a child, i’m asking simple questions about life.

Do you have more projects for the future ?

I want to realize a new magic story with my twin brother and of course continue to make a lot of animations and illustrations.

What are you going to do just after answered this final question ?

I’m going to swim into my head to find questions about life to invent a story.

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