Catherine Lemblé

PHOTO  .  April 30th, 2015



Interview with the Belgian photographer, Catherine Lemblé.


Where and when were you born?

I was born in Aalst (Belgium) in 1990.



What are you doing in your life and how do you get the time to explore mountains?

I’m finishing my last year in graphic design, which means I have a lot of holidays in which I can go to the mountains.
My granddad has a chalet in the Alps where I sometimes go to.

How’s the life in Ghent?

Great. It’s a big and small city at the same time. Very cosy.



What’s this project? [see image below]

That’s a book I made for a school assignment last year. We had to make a compendium so I made a book about crevasses. It’s called “crevasses”. I’m obsessed with mountains and snow and glaciers and of course, crevasses.


Can you give me a recipe and 2 songs you love at the moment?

A recipe:

A mexican oven dish with tortilla chips, cheddar cheese, sour cream, onions, paprika, tomatoes and corn.

2 songs atm:

know yourself – drake
april’s song – real estate



Where did you take this photo and with which camera? [see below]

This one was taken near Abondance, a little village in the alps in France. It’s taken with a fuji instax wide. Again, mountains with snow.


Same question for this one [see below]

I took this photo near Munster, a little village in the Vosges in France before christmas. I was in the car with my mother. We wanted to walk higher up but there was a blizzard so we had to drive back down the road. Photo was taken with a canon EOS 30.


Do you apply digital corrections on your images?

Sometimes, I try not to.




Can you tell us more about your fascination for cabins lost in the nature?

I like the romantic idea of solitude in nature. No noise, no obligations, a lot of time and space and being alone.
It’s a fascinatig image: a little cabin, so human and transcient in nature, against the immensity and splendor of mountains.


Do you spend nights in them sometimes?

I never did but it’s on my to do list!


What are you going to do just after answering to this final question?

Make food and eat, one of my favorite activities.



Last one in fact, what’s that? [see below]

I took this photo in the workspace of a taxidermist. It’s the head of a deer. The skin is folded so it may look a bit weird. You can see the hole where an eye used to be.


Merci beaucoup Catherine!