Alex Hamilton

PHOTO  .  August 2nd, 2013

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I recently took a trip to Brevard, North Carolina and while I was spending some time there, I began to realize how many interesting people I saw just driving around or walking down the street.

I drove past a gas station one day where an old Cadillac painted both red and yellow was parked in the strangest position, right in front of where you would pull out onto the road. I pulled into the gas station to park and take a picture of this vehicle, when I came across this man sitting off to the side of the road drinking a soda. I shook his hand and asked for permission to take a picture of his car, and he immediately walked over and posed by it!

He told me that he was a pastor at a church down the road, which was fitting due to the license plate on the front of his car, reading “Jesus is my boss”. He couldn’t have been more thankful to get his picture taken, and it was a really positive experience.

Alex Hamilton – young photographer from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida / find him on flickr