Akito Shimoyama

PHOTO  .  June 2nd, 2012
Where and when were you born ?

I was born at Greenbelt, Maryland in USA 1973 and brought up there for 7 years.
I’m not young…

Where are you right now ?

Tokyo, Japan.
My parents are Japanese and they worked at Maryland but they had to came back to Japan.
Instead of learning Japanese, I forgot all of my English in childhood.

How do you begin to take pictures ? and is photography your full-time job ?

I felt it boring when I traveled by myself at the first time so I came to bring a film camera and taking pics with my travel.
Photography is NOT my full-time job. I’m working at system development company.

I’ve seen that you use many different cool and old cameras, how many precisely do you have ? and which of these babies are your favorites ? ,)

My favortite ones are medium format camera, Plaubel Makina 67, Rolleicord Vb.
I also prefer 35mm Canonet.
In addition to them, I have three analog and one digital cameras but I don’t use them at all now.

And can you tell me why do you choose analog photography ?

I love full mechanical cameras ’cause I don’t have to care about running out of battery \(^o^)/

Your universe is really pure and refreshing,
what do you prefer to photograph and what inspires you ?

Thank you. I’m influenced by younger photographers featuring at (not)common people.
Especially, I like to see the photograpy of human in nature.

What are you going to do just after answered to this last question ?

Making a plan to travel Hawaii!


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