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Special Interview / Jonah Migicovsky & Lisa Kimberly Glickman


Interview with the Canadian artists – Jonah Migicovsky (photographer/ wertn itw here) & Lisa Kimberly Glickman (painter) about their collaborative project, Abandoned Reimagined.


Interview / Tim Gao




Interview with the Chinese street photographer Tim Gao.
- selection of images from his series ‘Invisible Theatre‘ and ‘Neighborhood


Another Curious Question To / Timothy J. Reynolds


Where would you go in case of global zombie attack?

I’d have to say in a hi-rise tower like in 28 Days Later. I’m not sure how long I’d last but it seems like your best shot. I know I drew a boarded-up cabin but that seems like an easy target. UNLESS it was high up on a hill with a 360° vantage point.

Tim, 3D illustrator currently living in Milwaukee, WI / + @turnislefthome / cabin illustration created for Twitch

A Curious Question To / Valentin Astier


What has been your best meeting in Cuba?

To be honest, my trip in Cuba wasn’t really in this perspective. It was more about friendship. We were just a bunch of friends, who wanted to explore this country. Of course we met some Cubans on the street, at some bars, etc. In Havana, because we were strangers, people were constantly asking for money in exchange of a service (at first supposedly free). Sometimes it was cool, like listening to Cuban music in a modest bar or buying clothes in an apartment. But most of the time it was exhausting. So we preferred to observe the city life from some distance at some point. And it was really nice ! In the countryside, it was different. There was less people and mostly tourists. So it was more about exploring the beautiful landscapes around Viñales. And when you’re a group of 6 friends, the relationship with locals is very different, more on the surface. But that didn’t prevent us to learn a lot about Cuba, to understand their way of life and to have a deep experience.

Valentier Astier - 25 years old french photographer, living in Montreal

Behind the image / Danny Rowton


Tell us more about these 2 images and your series?

Both shots, like almost all of my Nightshift series, were taken on Medium Format slide film. The Petrol Pumps image was a location I had driven past a few times, and knew it had potential, so I made a mental note of it and I thought about what would heighten the mood I wanted to convey. It had a sense of longing to it, of a calling and that the silence would be almost deafening in the right situation. I knew it had to be at night, on slide film, and I later realised it had to be foggy weather.


Playlist of the week #76


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Interview / Dusty Goldstein


Interview with the french singer and producer, Dusty Goldstein.

Hey Xavier, who are you and what kind of music do you create?

Hi, I’m a french singer and I’m in kind of melancholic, electronic, folk music.


Interview / Matthew Jessie


Interview with Matthew Jessie, photographer based in Johnson City, Tennessee.


Playlist of the week #75


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