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Behind the Image / Vicente Fraga

Tell us something about this picture

This photograph was taken at one of the lookouts built over the beach known as “beach of the Cathedrals”, Lugo (Spain). It is a coastal region exposed to strong winds, that combined with the power of the sea, erode the coast forming spectacular cliffs.

During a walk for the coast, I climbed to the fence of the lookout and I told my girlfriend that she had two options: push me, or make me a photograph. The image is taken with a Contax T3.

Vicente Fraga – photographer living in Pontavedra, Spain / on flickr – on tumblr

Interview / Clemens Fantur

Interview of Clemens Fantur – photographer born in Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria and currently living in Vienna.


Interview / Joe Nigel Coleman

Where are you right now ?

At home in Hackney, London.