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Interview / Mark Yaggie

Where and when were you born ?

i was born in san diego california in 1980.


Christian Neuenschwander

Great life pictures by Christian Neuenschwander. From Zürich, Switzerland.


A Curious Question To / Nicola Odemann

What’s the worst part of becoming blind ?

The worst part about becoming blind is not to be able to see your environment. I love to travel, love to adventure and wake up beneath a new horizon. But if you are blind, you are not able to see what is around you. You are not able to see the sunset, an endless ocean or even the simple beauty of a morning. It must be so hard to go without it…

Nicola, german photographer / / the post on wertn

Nicola Odemann

Clichés de la nature rafraîchissants par la jeune (b.1992) photographe allemande Nicola Odemann.


Tirage Pentax Espio / Octobre 2012


Interview / Nadja Sveir

Where are you right now ?

Right now i’m in Saint-Petersburg.