Nadja Sveir

PHOTO  .  September 9th, 2012

Where are you right now ?

Right now i’m in Saint-Petersburg.

When and where were you born ? and in which cities have you lived since ?

I was born in 1994 in Russia, South Ural, in small filthy village with no name, but most of my life I spent in Moscow, oddly enough.

Your universe is very special, often dark and full of melancholy. Do you want to share something particular with your pictures ?

I never thought about it, I don’t want to share anything or to express something. It’s just me. The way I see the world around me, i dunno.

What cameras do you use ?

More often I take pics on Zenit and Smena. Sometimes I use SLR-camera, but prefer photofilm. it’s very good. I can put them in the soup :)

How do you obtain the images effects (like deformations and organic renders) of your serie “black hole” ?

Oh, it’s easy!. After film developing, I take developed film in my hands and I bite it, rape it, burn it, break it, after which I scan it on my PC .

In which places you prefer to be ?

I prefer some blue and green places..

What do you love to take in picture ?

Hands. I like hands, it kinda reflective and mirroring, you know. And I like people with strange stone faces, covered in bedsheets.

And finally, what are you going to do just after answered this last question ?

um, well… I’m going to watch some strange movie and drink jam water, you know, it’s gonna be warming.

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