Mane Radmanovic

PHOTO  .  September 19th, 2017

Interview with the Serbian photographer, Mane Radmanovic.

Where are you right now?

In the middle of the day, across the huge park, on 15th floor, in Belgrade (Serbia).

Where and when were you born?

In Belgrade, 1976.

What can we find in your head Mane?

Right now: how to best organize the rest of the day and finish the mock-up for Ana’s book and pack myself for tomorrow’s trip.
Usually: always questioning what and how to (make a) change?

What and who do you shoot?

I shoot situations, occurrences.

How did you get into photography and is there a specific intention behind your work?

I was always into photography. I used to play with father’s Yashica (when he wasn’t looking) and always had some kind of camera with myself, but I have never thought of photography as of something that would be my profession. And it is not. I use photography as a visual practise for reality that I am in.

What’s the background of this image? [see above]

Luka (legs in the back) was waiting for Darko (legs in front) to point the camera at him and shoot him kicking some rotten apples. Jela (legs on the right) was texting. And one of them left the beer can on the ground. I believe it’s Luka’s beer.

What’s the weirdest photo you took?

Hmm… Tough question… First thing that crossed my mind is this (although video).

Do you always shoot with the same camera?

Yes, usually it’s Olympus mju II.

What’s next for you?

Going to Zagreb, to photo festival Organ vida and trying to get some rest. After that: work, work and work!



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