PHOTO  .  June 18th, 2012

Where and when were you born ?

I was born in 1975 in a night market (now a public car park) in Taichung City, Taiwan.

Where are you right now ?

Taipei City, Taiwan

How do you begin to take pictures ? Do you work as a photographer ?

I began to first pick up photography when I went traveling to Kyoto and Kanazawa with a friend in late 2007. I had two cameras with me then, the first being Canon S80 (digital) and the other Konica Waiwai (analogical). I’ve never really considered myself a photographer. I’m at most a person who takes photos.

What cameras do you use ?

After returning from Japan, I began to seriously read about whatever information I could find on the Internet regarding cameras and bought my first ever film camera, an Olympus 35 SP in 2008. Up to now, I’ve used two rangefinder cameras by Olympus (35 SP and 35 LC), four SLRs (Canon AE-1, Minolta SRT 101, Zenit E and Zenit EM), a TLR (Yashica Flex), a Polaroid SX70 (which nearly led to my bankruptcy), 3 110 pocket cameras (Kodak Fisher Price, Agfa Pocket Camera and Fujica 110), a USSR Smena 8M and a USSR Smena Symbol, alongside with a Lieca Minilux, a Konica Big Mini, a Yashica T3, a Knoica EFJ (a.k.a. Konica Pop), a Ricoh GR1, a Pentax Espo Mini, a Natura Classica by Fujifilm, a Konica C35 EF3, a Nikon L35 AW and a Canon AS-1. I’ve also owned two half frame cameras, they being an Olympus Pen EES and an Agat 18K from Belarus.

I’ve owned up to 20 cameras at one time, though I’ve always thought Canon AE-1, Nikon L35AD and Olympus 35SP suit me the best.

I’ve seen that you take pictures of every moments of your life. What do you prefer to shoot ?

Whatever architectures, things or people reflected within an impurely-constructed frame in a refracted lighting.

In which place do you prefer to be ?


Do you have specific projects right now or for the future ?

An exhibition named “Yet to Come.” All the exhibited photographs will come out of a Nikon L35 AD with a date/time stamp function, which, sadly, would not go further than 31/12/2010. All the works will be stamped randomly with a date and time (for when you press the shutter release button, the moment itself would too become the past; the previous second is but history). There’ll be no photography prints to be found throughout the gallery, but a digital screen with all the photographs repeatedly displayed on it, with a single theme song playing on.

Visitors are welcome to donate their money, which will be sent to ORBIS International in hope to help the blind in whatever way we can.

What are you going to do just after answered to this last question ?

Applying athlete’s foot cream (yes, it’s been itching for awhile). XD