Carl W. Heindl

PHOTO  .  April 11th, 2013

Interview of  Carl W. Heindl – photographer born in Toronto in 1981.


Where are you right now ?

Sitting in a room, Toronto outskirts.

What’s your favorite means of transport ?

Motorcycle, when our weather is co-operating.

What’s your equipment ?

I own a lot of old cameras. I try to give them away but I still have too many. My main cameras are my trusty Yashica FX3 2000 Super, or Yashica T4 / Leica Mini point and shoots are nice for 35mm. For medium format I like my Bronica RF645, and My 1950’s Graflex 2×3 with a 120 roll back. I use a Nikon digital when I am too broke for film. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re shooting, right?

Tell us something about you.

I love gardening.

What’s your job ? Do you make money with your pictures ?

I tried that. I can’t do that with photography, it has got to be my own. I worked in a graphic design studio downtown, Toronto for a good 6 or 7 years. I am going back to school for firefighter training at the moment.

What do you prefer to have in your viewfinder ?

Some days people, and some days anything but people.

Can you give us a song

I like that Batch album.

Tell us the story of this photo (see above)

Ice fishing with the boys back in March, 2012. My buddy Ryan Halpenny tells the story better:

What are you going to do after having answered this last question ?

I should workout but probably I will take a nap.

Thanks Carl.