Huy Le

PHOTO  .  April 12th, 2013

On all your roadtrips, what has been the best discovery ?

Generally all our trips there tends to be some level of preparation in terms of views and hikes we want to do. But you’ve got to be open for new discoveries and wonders, which happened to be the case on our second camp home from the Great Ocean Road.

We were in the car singing along to songs when the trees had cleared and we saw what had to be the most spectacular sunset ever. Naturally, me and my friend Rachel began screaming in joy and ordered our friend Peter (the driver) to stop the car so we could take photos.

The enthusiasm we experienced in that moment is one I don’t think I could ever explain as we were jumping around in joy at it all: the crisp cool air after the rain had stop, the vivid colours and sounds of the sunset in the horizon.

I’m sure in hindsight it wasn’t the most breathtaking sunset I’ve seen in my time, but within that moment everything just fell right into place. It’s truly one of those instances where try to explain it to others and the best response you could give is: ‘You just had to be there to experience it’.

Huy Le – photographer from Melbourne, Australia

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