Lukasz Wierzbowski

PHOTO  .  February 16th, 2013

Interview of Lukasz Wierzbowski – photographer from Wroclaw, Poland


How did you get into photography?

Curiocity got me into it. While being a third year student of social psychology studies I realised that I got quite a lot of spare time. Doing creative stuff felt good and it quickly became something more than just an after school hobby.

Where would you like to get lost ?

In outer space, provided that I could go back!

Can you imagine take a picture without any human being in it ?

Sure, some of those you can find here :

You’re a freelance photographer, is it your full time job ?

Currently photography is my full time job.

What’s your equipement ?

Contax G2 with 28mm and 45 mm lense, Canon Rebel K2 and Olympus MjuII.

What do you think about kitchen garden ?

Perfect place to have some friends, snacks and a bottle of wine.

What’s your favorite in all the pictures you took ?

I don’t have a favorite, I get bored quite easily.

Tell us a little something about you.

Slightly neurotic guy with camera with shaky hands. I’m just trying to do what I love and so far it goes well.

Do you have an advice for people who wants to became a photographer ?

Try to find your own style and never be afraid to experiment.

What are you going to do just after answering this final question?

Make myself a ginger-lemon tea

Thanks Lukasz :)