Jeune & Poli

PHOTO  .  February 18th, 2013

Interview of Michel Nguie – from Bordeaux, France / co-creator of photography zine, Jeune & Poli.


So I just discover the first number of your photography zine project, “Jeune et Poli”.
Can you explain us what is it and who work on it ?

Jeune & Poli is a duo with Juliette Gaudino. It aims at exploring poetry of images through space, nature, and relationships. It’s all analog, printed, and enjoyable for everyone.

Where did the idea come from ?

The idea came from the deepest parts of Juliette’s large brain.

What’s your intention with this zine ? What do you want to share ?

We want to share intentions.

Do you have plans for the following of “jeune et poli” or other current projects ?

Keep shooting and shooting more and more ..

Thanks Michel and say hello to Juliette !

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