Stephen Edwards

PHOTO  .  January 21st, 2013

Some questions to Stephen Edwards – Born in County Donegal, Ireland in May 1989.

Where would you like to go to take a picture right now ?

I’ve love to go on an escapade to the Scottish highlands, go on long walks and climbs and take photos of all the majesty up there with a few friends.

What camera(s) do you use ?

I’ve used a Yashica T4 and various Olympus cameras over the years. But I’ve decided that the only two cameras I’m going to use from now on are my Canon A-1 and Olympus XA.

How is it to live in Ireland ? What do you like down there ?

Where I live in Ireland is close to the most beautiful coastline. The beaches and woodlands are great places to go for walks with a camera . But I’ve actually spent most of the last 5 years in Glasgow, Scotland as a student and I rarely get out of the city because I don’t have a car of my own. So when I go back to Ireland, I usually make the most of it by going on drives and getting as much fresh air as I can.

What planet would you love to visit ?

I love to visit the moon and just sit there with a good view of Earth and ponder about everything that is going on down there, all the people with their lives.

Do you take pictures randomly ?

Really, I don’t think a photo can ever be totally random. You have to make a decision before you take a photo if it’s worth it or not. I know what you mean though and I’d like to say that my work is a blend of the spur of the moment and the previously considered.

If you had to give up photography, what would you do instead ?

If I had to give up photography, I think I’d take up baking and cooking haha!

What are you going to do just after answered this final question ?

I’m going to have another glass of wine, buy a pair of gloves online, put my laptop away and watch some TV with my girlfriend on the sofa.

Thanks Stephen ! – and if you go to the Highlands, send me some pictures ,)

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