Mark Yaggie

PHOTO  .  January 20th, 2013

Where and when were you born ?

i was born in san diego california in 1980.

How can you define your personal style ?

as for style, i try to encourage quality and an emphasis on clean compositions in my naturally drawn to landscape oriented subject matter and the natural world is a big influence on me.. in the past ive worked in commercial studios shooting overlit shiny products, and the knowledge and skills i aquired there are very usefull…but in the end i would like my work to be simpler and more organic feeling.

In all the projects we can find on your website, which one has been the most interesting ? 

at this point im really enjoying the work ive been doing with the kelp and ice series… i think its really unique, and because it emphasizes the beauty of naturally occuring phenomenon its really relevant to where im at right now.. plus its all shot on film so eventually id like to exhibit a hand printed show of it.

What camera(s) do you use ?

for personal work i shoot medium and large format film cameras.. right now its a mamiya rz and a toyo field camera.

Give us a movie you can watch again and again ?

id watch anything directed by terrence malick anytime..i dont know if he uses the same director of photography but his films have a quality that really resonates with me

Where do you want to be right now to take some pictures ?

id love to be so many different places right now.. i mean maine isnt bad by any means.. but japan in the winter, morrocco, iceland, new zealand.. i have quite a list going.. thats the thing with photography.. a camera is so much more than just a tool.. its a reason to explore.. a reason to travel and see the world..

Finally, tell us just what you want.

what id like is to dedicate my life to image making.. there are a lot of people in the world making a lot of money from photography.. but i never want it to become about the money for me.. im fine just getting by doing good work and having it shown.. i guess im kind of a purist.. and in a world full of disposable imagery.. im sort of proud to feel that way..

Thanks a lot for Mark.