ART  .  January 23rd, 2013

When and where were you born ?

November 30, 1978 Atlanta, Georgia USA

Have you painted this building alone ?

I worked with my team of artists to complete the project. For projects of this scale, I typically use my assistants to help fill in large areas and to get paint on the surface in the early stages.

Then we discuss the next steps as far as big bold moves. Where to put color, line or shape. Sometimes we hit blocks and have to take a break to see the building with fresh eyes the next day and then we know exactly what to do. I am never afraid to make major changes or destroy the image. All of my work is very process based, so sometimes the most interesting things happen with the worst ideas.

How long does it takes and how much paint ?

This project took close to 3 -4 weeks and about 300 or more gallons.

Can you tell us more about your street-artist history ?

I first began working outdoors in the early 1990’s through writing graffiti. I was very consumed with the letter-based form of expression for a while and slowly began to move towards pure abstraction as my work progressed. Most of the tools I use in my murals and paintings are the same tools I learned to use by working in the street all those years.

I use rollers, brushes, spray paint, inks, acrylics, mops, enamels, paint sprayers and other various mediums and tools. Scale has always been an important component in my work and I’ve continued to try to push that with my newer projects. Almost everything I work on is completely spontaneous and I rarely use a preconceived sketch or concept. I’ve been recently experimenting in treating my exterior works similarly to my paintings.

Give us an artist who really impressed you when you started to paint ?

Paul Klee

What’s your favorite color ?

Right now I would say Pink. It tends to change.

Thanks Hense !