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Behind the Image / Thomas Bavington

Tell us something about this picture

I took that picture when I was visiting the Isle of Man with my colleague for a meeting with a client. We were desperate to get a chance to take some photos but didn’t have much time. We were lucky enough to stumble across this bay with a derelict stone jetty at dusk. I love the light in it, it’s one of my favourite photos, but I’m afraid it doesn’t have a particularly interesting story behind it…

Thomas Bavington – Photographer born in Sudbury, UK  currently living in Manchester / on flickr

Interview / Stephen Edwards

Some questions to Stephen Edwards – Born in County Donegal, Ireland in May 1989.


Christian Neuenschwander

Great life pictures by Christian Neuenschwander. From Zürich, Switzerland.


Interview / Cody Cobb

What an island evokes for you ?

The feeling of being suspended in a watery void.


3 Curious Questions To / Trevor Triano

I proposed to Trevor to choose between 3 questions, he answered all of them :)

What is so particular in analog film grain ?

I am a very serious lover of  analog film grain :)  You can somehow feel the depth that came from absorbing light to a physical film strip when looking at a photograph. (…)


Dan Matutina

Dan Matutina vit aux Philippines, il aime la science, l’espace, joue avec les textures et les couleurs, l’ancien et le moderne pour créer des illustrations pleines de personnalité faites d’un mélange entre travail à la main et à l’ordinateur. Son style plein de grain lui a apporté de nombreux adeptes et sa liste de client est aujourd’hui plutôt impressionnante, voici sélection de quelques travaux.


Ana Cabaleiro

Photographies de Ana Cabaleiro / Vigo, Espagne.
Petite sélection personnelle de gens un peu perdus au milieu de nul part.