Trevor Triano

PHOTO  .  October 30th, 2012

What is so particular in analog film grain ?

I am a very serious lover of  analog film grain :)  You can somehow feel the depth that came from absorbing light to a physical film strip when looking at a photograph. (…)

The way the light interacts with the chemicals is slightly unique every time. There is an organic warmth to film grain that cant be replicated with digital photography, they are like apples and oranges to me. Some photos call for the clean sterile perfection of digital photos, Others images are trying to capture a dream that is only felt through the analog subtle imperfection of film grain.  I just love the texture and colors of film that are so hard to replicate with photoshop. I am very happy to see many people still shooting film around the world, it seems it will remain for the people looking for a unique quality of light similar to how records have remained for people looking for that depth of sound.

What’s the best way to spend a breakfast for you ?

My favorite way to spend breakfast would be in the very early morning, (which is a rare event for me because Im never up early :)  I love the way early morning light coming through windows. Its a very silent wonderfully peaceful time to eat. I love making breakfast with warm hearted friends with lots of fresh coffee and waffles and so much delicious food made with love, care, and precision.

What’s your favorite insect and why ?

My favorite insect would have to be a butterfly because they are such a treat to see and they remind me of the sacredness of nature. There is a beautiful elegance and fragility to butterflies. I like the whole process, the slow catapiller turns into a beautiful weightless wonder. I love the metaphor.