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A Curious Question To / Valentin Astier


What has been your best meeting in Cuba?

To be honest, my trip in Cuba wasn’t really in this perspective. It was more about friendship. We were just a bunch of friends, who wanted to explore this country. Of course we met some Cubans on the street, at some bars, etc. In Havana, because we were strangers, people were constantly asking for money in exchange of a service (at first supposedly free). Sometimes it was cool, like listening to Cuban music in a modest bar or buying clothes in an apartment. But most of the time it was exhausting. So we preferred to observe the city life from some distance at some point. And it was really nice ! In the countryside, it was different. There was less people and mostly tourists. So it was more about exploring the beautiful landscapes around Viñales. And when you’re a group of 6 friends, the relationship with locals is very different, more on the surface. But that didn’t prevent us to learn a lot about Cuba, to understand their way of life and to have a deep experience.

Valentier Astier – 25 years old french photographer, living in Montreal

A Curious Question To / Ciara J Alberts

1600x1200 (1) copie

What’s the best thing to do when you live on a traveling carnival?

I think the best thing to do when you’re out on the midway is observe the crowds and get a feel for what the local people are like within each little pocket of America.
Ciara J Alberts – american photographer born and raised on a travelling carnival, currently based in Portland, Oregon.

Behind the Image / Vicente Fraga

Tell us something about this picture

This photograph was taken at one of the lookouts built over the beach known as “beach of the Cathedrals”, Lugo (Spain). It is a coastal region exposed to strong winds, that combined with the power of the sea, erode the coast forming spectacular cliffs.

During a walk for the coast, I climbed to the fence of the lookout and I told my girlfriend that she had two options: push me, or make me a photograph. The image is taken with a Contax T3.

Vicente Fraga – photographer living in Pontavedra, Spain / on flickr – on tumblr

Behind the Image / Thomas van der Zaag

Tell us something about this photo

I took this photo of my brother when we were exploring the coastal volcanic rocks in Costa Rica while on a family vacation. I think the photo captures exactly how we felt in that moment. It was kind of an escape to just spend the day freely exploring.
Thomas van der Zaag – photographer from Toronto, Canada /

A Curious Question To / Anna Haas

Can you tell us a simple recipe you like ?

Buy grinded nuts and mix it with honey, add a tiny little bit of salt. Done!
I just eat it out of the jar, but you can put it on bread or mix it with yoghurt.

Anna, graphic designer and illustrator from Zürich, Switzerland /

A Curious Question To / Rachael Schumacher

Can you give me 3 sounds you like and 1 song you love at this time ?

I like the sounds my dog makes when he’s dreaming, the sound of rain on my small tent, and the sound of the ocean at night when you can’t see it. + Trojan Curfew by Stephen Malkmus (

Rachael, photographer from Seatlle, Washington /

(I can’t choose just one picture, so there are more in the following)


A Curious Question To / James Lucero

I read that you got into photography to remember great moments of your life. What are these moments?

Shit, I got into taking photos to remember all moments, but just going out on road trips with friends and having a good time is what i have been trying to capture as of late. A trip to Utah over the summer made a huge impact on the way i want to document my life. Climbing mountains, getting drunk and cruising around on bikes, sleeping on floors, these are all great moments to me. I’m just doing my thing, whatever that may be.

James, photographer from Westcliffe, Colorado /

A Curious Question To / Nicola Odemann

What’s the worst part of becoming blind ?

The worst part about becoming blind is not to be able to see your environment. I love to travel, love to adventure and wake up beneath a new horizon. But if you are blind, you are not able to see what is around you. You are not able to see the sunset, an endless ocean or even the simple beauty of a morning. It must be so hard to go without it…

Nicola, german photographer / / the post on wertn

A Curious Question To / Timothy J. Reynolds

Can you give me 3 activities you loved to do when you were a child ?

Sure. Hmmm, 3 childhood activities:
1. watching cartoons
2. exploring in the woods
3. picking on my little sister

Tim, currently 3D illustrator in Milwaukee/ his website : / the post on wertn