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Stephen Edwards

Some Ireland pictures by Stephen Edwards. Ho refreshing :)


Interview / Adèle Poupin

What do you prefer to photograph ? And with which device ?

I don’t know why but I have a particular attraction for dogs and homeless people.

I work mainly with a film camera, 35mm. I had several cameras, nikon EM, Leica CL, an old lomo LC-A, Canon AT-1 but I am in love with the Canon AE-1 for his simplicity and his practicality.


Interview / Austin Kamps

Where are you right now precisely ?

At this very moment, I am at my house in San Francisco. In the Mission neighborhood, to be more precise.


A Curious Question To / Andrea Sonnenberg

What’s your favorite trees  ?

My favorite trees are weeping willows. there used to be a row of weeping willows in this park across from a friends house where i spend many hours of my childhood playing. they were so big that all their leaves hung to the ground and you could crawl into them and hideout as if it was your own secret fort. All the light was just this really intense green and i always remembered hiding in them to be one of my earliest and fondest memories as a kid.

teenage witchery on flickr / post on wertn

Ryan John Parnell

Photos by Ryan John Parnell, Plymouth, United Kingdom.


Joe Cooke

Photos de Joe Cooke. 21 ans, Newcastle.



Avril 2012