Roméo Lasne

PHOTO  .  January 30th, 2014



Interview with Roméo Lasne, french photographer currently living in Australia.


You are a french boy currently living in Australia and working in a circus company, how did you get there ? and can you tell us more about your everyday life ?

It is by traveling in Australia that I met Cavalia, the circus for which I work. I remember I had almost no more money, my visa and my motivation came to an end. I had to find something, a work and quickly … And I knew, through a friend who worked for the circus, that they were in Australian tour. I did my research about the city where they performed. Took a Fly with my last dollars. (Borrow money after that) And then, a morning, I went with my resume and this is where it all began.

I was first hired as a local, and then as permanent. This allowed me to have my new Visa and to stay in Australia. Life on tour is something rather special … It is nice to be able to travel and work at the same time. But contrary to popular belief, it is not really easy. We all work hard to be able to provide a show in time and in quality, and it is, believe me, a monstrous job. So I would say that currently my everyday life is the one I live at work.



What do you have in mind when you take a picture ?

Is that a trick question? Hummmm I think it’s more like an emotion, I do not really think of anything particular.



Give us a 2 songs you like.

Rock out – Art Ensemble of Chicago
You’re goin’ Miss your Candyman – Terry Callier



What’s your camera and why this choice ?

I take pictures with an Olympus Stylus epic. For his simplicity, his strength, and his quality.




Tell us more about someone you’ve met during your trip ?
(you can find an alternative answer to this question at the end of the article)

I present to you Josephine, an Australian from Melbourne, Professor of music and passionate surfer. It was during a party not far from my home, that I met her. We exchanged a few words, sympathized, laughed, danced, kiss…. Well we really get along. I was impressed by her vision of life, her smile and her way of being positive all the time. I’ll keep a very good memory her.




What are your plans for the future ?

My plans are to keep enjoying life as I can, and always give me the means to have a choice.

and for right now ?

Eat, take a shower and go for a walk.

Merci Roméo :)






Tell us more about someone you’ve met during your trip?

Si par someone tu comptes aussi les animaux alors ; Un jour, mes compères de voyage et moi avons planté nôtre tente dans un parc public ; Nous nous apprêtons à y passer la nuit. Quand un chien perdu, au loin vint nous aboyer dessus. On le laissa faire. Et puis au fur et à mesure, par curiosité craintive, s’approchait de nous. On le laissa toujours faire. C’était comme jouer à 1.2.3 soleil, Il s’avançait toujours un peu plus à chaque fois qu’on regardait ailleurs. Jusqu’au moment où il fut assez proche pour que l’on puisse vraiment s’y intéresser. Il avait l’air affamé, abandonné. On lui donna alors quelques bouts de pain. Il était devenu par la suite un peu moins apeuré et se laissa quelque peu se faire approcher mais sans plus…

Venu alors l’heure de dormir, chacun de nous pris sommeil. Au réveil, il était là. il nous attendait au milieu du camp, il avait monté la garde. Et nous étions tous ravis de l’avoir parmi nous. Seulement il nous fallait reprendre la route le jour même et on ne pouvait en aucun cas l’embarquer avec nous. Et ce fût alors terriblement dur de partir. On essaya de lui faire peur, avec de grands gestes et de grands cris, mais rien à faire. Le dernier recours fut de prendre la route a grand coup d’accélération pour pouvoir le semer. Mais le chien, il courait vite, il courait vite derrière la voiture et ce jusque sur la route… Je me souviens de l’image, le voyant courir de toutes ses forces derrière nous, nous suppliant de s’arrêter, de l’emmener avec nous… J’en garde un très mauvais souvenir et une très grande culpabilité.