Playlist #81

PLAYLIST  .  May 22nd, 2017

Welcome to the new format of the playlists. It’s time for us to extend the spectrum of these compilations. We always wanted to share with you new and/or unknown artists. Today, we aim to link these artists with classical and old school ones. That is why we choose Soundsgood to help us gather sounds from different music platforms on the web.

Today, we pay tribute to the Music Magasine ‘Stamp The Wax’ and their Monday Morning Mixtapes. We introduce the American organist Dr. Lonnie Smith, the Indian musician Charanjit Singh, maybe the earliest Acid music producer, the Turkish composer Özdemir Erdogan and the amazing and breathtaking Early Summer composed by the self-taught pianist Ruy Fukui. After this journey through ages and culture, we take a refreshment with some Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, Electronica, Chill Trap and an IDM track premiered by Stamp The Wax.