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Behind the Image / Iñaki Soria Izquierdo


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I took this photo in Madeira (Portugal), in the highest mountain of the island.

We were expecting a normal hiking day but what we found was an extremely windy day with a lot of mist, I was enjoying like a little kid but freezing cause every hour my girlfriend was stealing me some parts of my clothes  (scarf, gloves, jacket…) as it was getting colder and colder. Even that it was amazing to be there surrounded by nothing but cliffs.

The photo was taken with an Olympus mju-II and Fuji Superia Xtra 400.


Iñaki Soria Izquierdo –  from Barcelona, currently working in London /  on flickr

Behind the Image / Rafael M. Milani

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The story behind that picture is actually quite simple. I took it while taking a night walk with a couple of friends around our neighbourhood. It was a very cold night, and as we aproached the lake I noticed how strange the lights looked filtered through the mist and reflected on the water’s surface. It’s just the light from a few lamp posts on the other side of the lake, but that night it looked like something else.
I went back to that place many times, but I never saw them like that again.


Rafael M. Milani – photographer from São Paulo, Brazil / on flickr – on tumblr

Behind the Image / Mairi Timoney

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This photo was taken swimming in Lake Garda last summer when I was camping with my friends. It was evening and my friends were mucking around throwing pebbles at each other. I sunk down into the water and took a picture. I like that I can look at it and still feel that I am swimming in the warm water.


Mairi Timoney – photographer from Edinburgh, Scotland / on cargo

Behind the Image / Alex Hamilton

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I recently took a trip to Brevard, North Carolina and while I was spending some time there, I began to realize how many interesting people I saw just driving around or walking down the street.

I drove past a gas station one day where an old Cadillac painted both red and yellow was parked in the strangest position, right in front of where you would pull out onto the road. I pulled into the gas station to park and take a picture of this vehicle, when I came across this man sitting off to the side of the road drinking a soda. I shook his hand and asked for permission to take a picture of his car, and he immediately walked over and posed by it!

He told me that he was a pastor at a church down the road, which was fitting due to the license plate on the front of his car, reading “Jesus is my boss”. He couldn’t have been more thankful to get his picture taken, and it was a really positive experience.

Alex Hamilton – young photographer from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida / find him on flickr

Behind the Image / Keitha Haycock

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Taken on Magnetic Island, just off the coast of Queensland, Australia. We spent four days driving around the island in a topless mini moke, drinking a bottle of spiced rum every day, climbing down cliffs, jumping off rocks and swimming in warm sun-dappled bays. A magic little pocket of time.

+ More adventure photos in the following !

Behind the Image / Flavia Contreras De la Parra

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I took this photo on a staircase down a hill, it was new year’s eve, and I decided go walk over when I found this staircase and sat down there to watch the fireworks over the city. At the end of the fireworks there was a huge smoke cloud over the city and I tried to take a photo on that.

Flavia Contreras De la Parra – photographer based in Santiago, Chili / on flickr

Behind the Image / Hannes Lippert

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This photograph was taken last October, when me an my friends enjoyed the last “Golden Days”. The location is an old quarry. The camera was a Pentax Spotmatic and a fuji superia 200 film.


Behind the Image / Molly Hare

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The photo was taken on the way back from a trip to the beach in Mexico. There are lots of alters like that on the highway- I later found out that bandits use them as a way to get tourists to pull over to the side of the road before mugging them or stealing their cars.

Molly Mare- photographer living in in Flagstaff, Arizona  / on flickr

Behind the Image / Miles Bowers

Photo by Miles Bowers photograph

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This photo was accidentally shot on a roll that had been previously exposed. My friend Brandon and I were running around in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains sprinting down cinder cones. We went back a week later to re shoot it without an overlay but he tripped and sprained his ankle. He was in a cast for a long time after that.

Miles Bowers – photographer living in Eugene, Oregon, USA  / on flickr – on cargo

Behind the Image / Vicente Fraga

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This photograph was taken at one of the lookouts built over the beach known as “beach of the Cathedrals”, Lugo (Spain). It is a coastal region exposed to strong winds, that combined with the power of the sea, erode the coast forming spectacular cliffs.

During a walk for the coast, I climbed to the fence of the lookout and I told my girlfriend that she had two options: push me, or make me a photograph. The image is taken with a Contax T3.

Vicente Fraga – photographer living in Pontavedra, Spain / on flickr – on tumblr