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Fabian Unternaehrer



Selection of photos by Fabian Unternaehrer / from his last series, Vertigo
– born in 1981 in Basel, Switzerland and now living in Bern


Interview / Lena Grass

Wertn talks to Berlin based photographer Lena Grass on the occasion of her self-published book “Nachtigall”

The book is presented as part of the X|12 project, a platform which promotes independent publications and invites them to   London for a pop-up presentation/exhibition. Nachtigall is showcased at Ti Pi Tin bookstore until Sunday (27/06).


Interview / Julien Piau

Interview of Julien Piau – illustrator and 2d animator from Nantes, France born in 1988.


Le Corbeau voulant imiter l’Aigle

Style très original pour cette petite animation tirée d’une fable de la Jean de la Fontaine réalisée par Benjamin Renner. Noir et blanc précis faisant apparaître les volumes de façon très subtile.