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Interview / Florian Dré




Interview with Florian Dré, french student who also takes pictures.


Interview / Matt Blodgett

Interview of  Matt Blodgett, american photographer with a lot of disposables cameras.


Desechables / Analog day-to-day project

Desechables” (‘disposable’ in spanish) is a nice project of Diego Etxeberria, made from disposable cameras.
Diego tells us more about this project in the following.


Giulia Agostini

Nice everyday analog photos by Giulia Agostini.

Something about you ?

“I always have camera, cigarettes, labello-stawberry flavour, candy and wallet.”


Behind the Image / Kari Cieszkiewicz

Tell us something about this picture (taken with an expired disposable camera)

ah that photo is such a great summer memory. i spent the night in a historic boathouse on jenny lake (grand teton national park). that photo was my exact visual when i woke up. it was perfect.

Kari Cieszkiewicz – seasonal park ranger in Grand Teton national park, Wyoming /  find her on flickr