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Interview / Jack Simon

Interview with the American photographer, Jack Simon.


Behind the Image / Newsha Naderzad

Tell us more about this image
Well, this photo is from a series called “Renton”.
Renton is a town I created, filled with characters and moments that when pieced together, represent what I feel, see, and hear when I think of the 1970’s in Midwest America. This is my attempt at wanting to experience a time in a town that no longer exists, simply because the time has passed. Each image is delicately planned and posed before being shot based on these fictional characters in my head.
Newsha Naderzad – 27 years old, from California.

Interview / Maysgold

Interview with the french duo, Maysgold – currently based in Paris.


Interview / Jason Koxvold – Knives

Interview with the British photographer, Jason Koxvold (b. 1977, Liege) – based between Brooklyn and Upstate New York.

His latest series, ‘KNIVES’, is a truthful look at a rural community victim of the effects of globalisation they didn’t had any control over – this documentary is also deeply linked to a typological study of knives, whose industry was the basis of the region’s economy. The story of this town is the story of many more in the USA and the in the world.


Interview / Aleksandir

Interview with the Turco-British music producer Aleksandir.


Interview / Dan Sully – Tokyo Taxi

A little interview with the British filmmaker and photographer, Dan Sully / about his last series, Tokyo Taxi.


Interview / Tom Ngo

Interview with the visual artist Tom Ngo.


Interview / Jakub Rozalski

Interview with the Polish artist, Jakub Rozalski.


Interview / Rune Fisker

Interview with the Danish illustrator, Rune Fisker.


Interview / Olf de Bruin

Interview with the Dutch illustrator, Old de Bruin