Adam Wilkoszarki

PHOTO  .  January 31st, 2017

Interview with the Polish photographer, Adam Wilkoszarki.
What’s the background of these 2 images? [above]

1/ Kloski is a place that I found in Finland. It looks almost unreal – like a vacation memory.
2/ The picture of an excavator is a snapshot from one of the baltic beaches. It’s working on a beautiful view.

Who are you and where do you come from?

Adam Wilkoszarski, born and living in Pozna?/Poland.

Where have you shoot the pictures from your series “Silent Mode”?

Japan. To be exact: Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara.

What did you discover in Asia?

I discovered that I could never become a part of it.

Give us some songs to listen to while looking at your photos.

My music taste doesn’t go with my photos.

What camera(s) do you use?

I use Mamiya 7 but really any convenient camera would do.

Can you introduce your series in progress “After Season”?

„After season” is a very old concept and my never-endig project.
It’s a story showing holiday resorts after end of a season.
Places that were designed to be full during the summer become much different after vacationists leave. Still landscape of places prepared for a people to come in right away.

What are you going to do just after having answered to this final question?

I really don’t know.