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Interview / Stanley Bloom

Interview with the french photographer, Stanley Bloom.


Transitions / Jean-Sébastien Scraire



Transitions, nice series by the Canadian photographer Jean-Sébastien Scraire
– “This work aims to demonstrate just how abstract this concept of “public” and “private” is. “


Interview / johnny_ripper

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Hi Jean, you are a french music maker from Lille and now living in Montréal.

What are you doing in Canada?

I’ve moved to Montréal a bit more than a year ago for film studies, in the hometown of the National Film Board of Canada. but also because I knew a few people here, and I felt like it was time to experience being a stranger in a strange land and discover another culture. I don’t know what drew me to this place originally, but the more I stay, the more I find reasons. Moving here has made me much more attached to Lille though, i suppose you never realize how much you love a place until you’ve left it.


Interview / Stanislav Troitsky





Interview with Stanlislav Troitsky, street photographer living in Montreal, Canada.


Interview / Vallée Duhamel

Interview with Eve Duhamel & Julien Vallée, creators of the great studio, Vallée Duhamel


Jonah Migicovsky

New photos by Jonah Migicovsky.
– photographer from Montreal, Canada.


Interview / Jonah Migicovsky

Interview of Jonah Migicovsky – photographer born in Montreal in 1991.