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Interview / Waldemar Salesski




Interview with the photographer Waldemar Salesski about his series Soviet Uniform.


Interview / Timothy O’Connell




Here are few questions to the american photographer, Timothy O’Connell.


Akasha Rabut



Selection of photos by Akasha Rabut
- young photographer based in New Orleans, LA & New York City


Interview / Ryan Nickel



Here are few questions to Ryan Nickel.


Transitions / Jean-Sébastien Scraire



Transitions, nice series by the Canadian photographer Jean-Sébastien Scraire
- “This work aims to demonstrate just how abstract this concept of “public” and “private” is. “


Interview / Marc Llach


Interview of Marc Llach at the occasion of the publication of his last work, “At Minimum“.
- photographer from Girona, Spain.


Fabian Unternährer



Selection of photos by Fabian Unternährer / from his last series, Vertigo
- born in 1981 in Basel, Switzerland and now living in Bern


Behind 3 images / Alexandre Furcolin

unnamed (2)

Tell us more about this image

This was shot during sunset while camping in the vastness of Makgadikgadi’s pans, one of the largest salt flats in the world, located in the middle of the dry savanna of north-eastern Botswana. It was my first road trip in southern Africa, roaming 5 thousand Kms around Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

I think this photo explores the paradoxical sensations and questionings raised while immersed in solitude in those space-time dimensions untamed by civilization: wild but conforting, empty though fullfilling, insecure therefore free.


The Short Anthology


The Short Anthology is a collection of short fiction stories based on photography. The first issue, of this nice project just launched by Will Martin and Kat Phan, feature the work of Joe Coleman (a dude we love at wertn).

“We gave 8 of Joe’s photos to 6 writers who interpreted the photos to write short stories. These stories ended up being very varied, from an African sci-fi story from Uganda to a story about loneliness and immigration in Dover, UK.”


Behind the Image / Michael Anaya


Tell us something about this image

The photograph you asked about was taken this past winter while I was visiting my girlfriend in Poland. I used to live there for 6 years so I’m familiar with the country and what it has to offer. That cold morning, my friends and I decided to go visit the forest outside of Otwock – a town south east of Warsaw. While out on our exploration We stumbled upon an abandoned nazi bunker from WWII and decided to have a look around the area. There was lots of snow and we nearly froze because of the cold winds in the area. Like Poland, it’s a wonderful place with some wild history – I’d go back to visit any day.


Micheal Anaya -  25 years old photographer from Los Angeles /  on flickr