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Interview / Marc Llach


Interview of Marc Llach at the occasion of the publication of his last work, “At Minimum“.
– photographer from Girona, Spain.


Behind the Image / Vicente Fraga

Tell us something about this picture

This photograph was taken at one of the lookouts built over the beach known as “beach of the Cathedrals”, Lugo (Spain). It is a coastal region exposed to strong winds, that combined with the power of the sea, erode the coast forming spectacular cliffs.

During a walk for the coast, I climbed to the fence of the lookout and I told my girlfriend that she had two options: push me, or make me a photograph. The image is taken with a Contax T3.

Vicente Fraga – photographer living in Pontavedra, Spain / on flickr – on tumblr

Desechables / Analog day-to-day project

Desechables” (‘disposable’ in spanish) is a nice project of Diego Etxeberria, made from disposable cameras.
Diego tells us more about this project in the following.


Behind the Image / Iciar J. Carrasco

Tell us something about this picture

This picture was taken last summer in Navacerrada. It was a very hot day in the city, so my boyfriend and I decided to go to the mountains in the north of the Madrid region. We took a walk in the woods and found these enormous piles of lumber. He didn’t know he was being photographed and I had to be quick before he moved, because he was in the perfect position for the shot. I was especially careful with the exposure because the sunlight was very bright and direct.

Iciar J. Carrasco – Photographer based in Madrid, Spain /

Interview / Lúa Ocaña

Interview of Lúa Ocaña – photographer born in Vigo (Galicia, Spain) in 1982.


Ana Cabaleiro

Photographies de Ana Cabaleiro / Vigo, Espagne.
Petite sélection personnelle de gens un peu perdus au milieu de nul part.