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Interview / S8JFOU #2

One year later, here’s our second interview with the French music producer and artist, S8JFOU !


Interview / Bonsoir Michel – S8JFOU


Discover the French music producer and artist, S8JFOU or Bonsoir Michel.


Special Interview / Lenparrot


Interview with the french pianist and singer Romain Lallement aka Lenparrot. [french version at the end of the article]

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Romain Lallement, I’m 27, I’m author, composer and performer.
My solo project is called Lenparrot. Amongst my other projects, I have been keyboardist for three and a half years and for Raphael D’Hervez and his solo project, ‘Pégase’. I’m also the singer of ‘Rhum for Pauline’, the band with which I started 9 years ago.


Interview / Plasticbionic

Interview of  Plasticbionic – french creative director and graphic designer based in Nantes.


Playlist of the Week #06


Histoires de rien dire – Novembre 2010 !


Histoires de rien dire – Ep10(1/2)/S02 !

Ho, bientôt la suite.